Domain Registration

What is Domain Name?
A domain name is the address that helps people find your website online. It is what you usually type in your browser's address bar to visit a specific website or location on the Internet. Just as homes and offices have addresses, all websites have a unique domain name.

Why you need Domain Name?
You need a domain name to ensure your website has its own special address on the web. For example, Smart Designs domain name is

How to choose a Domain Name?
Choosing a good domain name is very important for your business. Choose a domain name that -

  • Reflects your business name or the topic of your site.
  • Is unique and short - one that is easy to say, remember and spell.
  • Has letters, numbers, and hyphens. Spaces or other symbols are not allowed.

Domain Names

List of domain names we register

  • .COM
  • .CO.IN
  • .ORG
  • .ORG.IN
  • .IN
  • .IND.IN
  • .INFO
  • .BIZ
  • .NET
  • .NET.IN
  • .US
  • .NAME
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